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About the Abuse Survivor Bar Date

When a business or individual files bankruptcy, the court will often enter what is officially known as a "Bar Date Order." This will set the bar data (essentially a deadline) that must be adhered to by all people and companies who are coming forward claiming that the debtor owes them money. This is done so that as the bankruptcy proceeds, it will not be affected by late comers who are a surprise to the court. Therefore, typically within the first six months of a bankruptcy case, the court will release a "Notice to Creditors of Bar Date." This will allow all creditors to know when the bar date is set so that they can file their proof of claim.

In cases where a religious order is filing for bankruptcy after suffering from sexual abuse lawsuits, the bar date is often referred to as an Abuse Survivor Bar Date. This is because those who are currently pursuing a sexual abuse claim or those who are considering doing so will often be viewed as creditors by the bankruptcy court - although there will be special considerations. For example, once the court sets the Abuse Survivor Bar Date, those who are undergoing a sexual abuse claim will be able to file their special proof of claim with a third-party claims agent instead of filing it directly with the bankruptcy court.

Christian Brothers' Bankruptcy and Sexual Abuse Claims

As of January 2012, the Abuse Survivor Bar Date has not been set in regards to the Irish Christian Brothers' bankruptcy filing. It, however, is important for those who are reporting clergy sexual abuse in association with the order to recognize what this will mean to their Christian Brothers sexual abuse claim. Essentially, it will put a severe deadline on the time in which they can file their claim. While some say that this bankruptcy was necessary to give the congregation the time that they needed to liquidate their assets and prepare to satisfy all claims brought against them, it is also important to note the ways in which it can harm the victims.

Limited transparency and delayed claims may be detrimental in the long run; in some cases, if a claimer misses the deadline set by the bar date, they could forever have their rights extinguished. It is for this reason that we encourage all victims of sexual abuse to give a clergy abuse lawyer at our firm a call. At Manly & Stewart, we have established ourselves as authorities on clergy sexual abuse claims and have become well-known for our work in protecting the victims of such abuse. In fact, we currently represent over 500 victims. If you would like to learn about what can be done to protect you, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

Contact Manly & Stewart to schedule your initial case evaluation to learn more about the Abuse Survivor Bar Date and how this will affect your upcoming clergy sexual abuse claim.

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